Orlando Garcia

Hello 🙋‍♂️, my name is Orlando and I'm a UI Software Engineer based in Mexico 🇲🇽. I'm passionate about creating UI and software and have extensive experience working with a variety of technologies, including React, Angular, JS, TS, Node, and many more from the JS Ecosystem.

I've spent the last six years developing solutions for various industries in web2 and web3.



GAS is a dApp that aggregates events reviews by utilizing POAP's.This platform aims individuals to participate in global events & activities, contributing by giving valuable insights to the communitySolidity, React, Redux, ethers.js, Figma, Material-UI




  • Indautosoft - UI Software Engineer
    October 2019 - August 2020
    • UI Software Engineer working for an important customer of retail of Mexico (FEMSA)

    • Being part of a big team to automate several warehouses and logistic operations for OXXO with modern tech, developing the solutions in React and Angular web apps.

    • Working with Agile scrum methodology and building all the modules with specific business requirements.

    • Working with Responsive web design standards

  • SIASA - Full-Stack Software Developer
    September 2017 - October 2018

    Complete Development and Design of a manufacturing production tracking web application in Angular 2 and Laravel

    • Development of all UI Screens and consuming the Laravel API in Angular, developing components like charts and Tracking guides.
    • Development of a Rest API in Laravel and PHP 7 and MySQL DB
    • Design all interfaces (UI / UX) using Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator
  • CBORD - Sr UI Software Engineer
    August 2020 - Present

    Sr UI Software engineer working for a large software company in K12 and Healthcare Industry

    • Developing, testing, and code-reviewing different UI projects
    • Designing architecture solutions for large and scalable UI apps

    • Working in different teams within the company to solve complex engineering requirements and solutions

    • Participating in important engineer and design meetings for different projects Developing cross-platform front-end solutions in Angular, React, Ionic, Android, and iOS

    • Being part of the Design system team of the company and a constant contributor to this one (Stencil project)

  • Sismov - Front-end & Mobile Developer
    December 2018 - October 2019
    • Working with Ionic, React, and Angular for cross-platform development for mobile solutions (iOS and Android)
    • Development in React for web base projects with Google Maps API
    • UX / UI Design with Balsamiq Mockups and Adobe XD